To the first day of summer A Stranger In A Familiar Place: Lion, Meet Lizard and The Dwelling Light #downtempo #electronic

A fascinating pair of downtempo tunes to start the week from Lion, Meet Lizard and The Dwelling Light.

The Dwelling Light first. From New Zealand the track is Stranger In A Familiar Place. It’s that sensation of what was a place of belonging become change. Very much what if feels like these days to return to where I was brought up. At one level really rather familiar and similar and yet at another all very, very different and I don’t belong. The tune is brass infused at the start but then takes a more downtempo turn with a wistful air despite the periodic reappearance of the brass. Melancholy set to music. Wallow in it.

Next, Lion, Meet Lizard (Chris Tieken). Dutch obviously. Offers To The First Day of Summer. There’s more of a post rock thing going on in this one. Lots of guitars which get quite intense in places but still manage to retain a downtempo feel. The intensity ebbs and flows with more paused sections in which the plucked guitar shimmers delicately before returning to the drums and electronics. A lovely instrumental indie electronica feel to all this. Go get a download a slip him a couple of quid.

And the whole Everything I Do Is For A Reason EP

Bandcamp (name your price)

or Spotify

~ by acidted on June 11, 2018.

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