Ambient twosome from Ziino and Solar Bones #ambient #electronic #drone

A chance to stop and stare at the middle of the week with Ziino and Solar Bones. A pair of chilled ambient tunes.

Ireland’s Ziino returns with Drop It (Bits & Bobs Mix). It’s a barely there kind of tune. It rests on washes of synth and the merest whisps of clicking beats. It’s a clever tune since from such fragmentary beginnings it manages to find its way, almost unobtrusively, to a peak around the middle of the track. That allows a sense of a change of pace into something a touch more insistent. Like the tugging on your sleeve of a small chiild but without the associated whining.

Or on Spotify

Next, we have first timer Solar Bones (a collaboration between electronic composer Patrick J Baxter and Paul Rains (Tigercats/Allo Darlin’)) and 7Gong7. Beware, this is an album, not a single track. So, give yourself some time and space for this. It’s an instumental mental journey.  A wind chime kind of intro gives way to dubbed tom toms and the clicks of wood blocks. A temple sounding intro that adds some background drone. This is a meditative piece with all manner of ambient and drone patterns and textures coming into play. There’s a bit of the Megadog about this – for those that remember the UK festval scene in the 90s. Makes it no surprise that they say “Initially intended to harness the sun’s power at summer solstice, the music is dense and luminous: an audio guide to the cosmic logic of distant planets.”

Buy on Bandcamp (CD in handmade gingham sleeve)


~ by acidted on July 18, 2018.

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