Smashing the 80s electro and rock with JohnT and DJ Sabrina #house #rock #electronic #80s #vibes

Not particularly my favourite decade teh 80s. But if you have to have it you could do a lot worse than have some 80s funk from JohnT and a synth rock piece from DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ.

JohnT has appeared here a couple of times before but MF-P is a bit of a departure for his stuff. It’s 80s balls out electro funkiness. Samples blaze away and walk proud. There’s all manner of squelchiness to the bass. It’s like a Prince track but with the self-indulgent noodliness removed to leave the focus firmly on the beats. P-Funk away people.

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ has an 80s big hair day on Goodnight. Obvs there’s samples with the title in it. Totes there’s 80s dance pop. Abs to the harmonies. But its the rawk grit that holds the track together and stops it becoming a complete cheesefest. This is rad. Smiletastic.

The track is taken from the album Witchkraft

~ by acidted on July 26, 2018.

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