Disco Monday with Ramone Henry and Anthelix #house #discohouse #funk #electronic

Today’s tunes have a bit of 80s disconess to them in offerings from Ramone Henry and Anthelix.

Ramone Henry is from Jamaica and his Think Of It is a soft, light disco funk. A chilled atmosphere pervades everythign but it’s not completely laid back. It has a sultry sophisticated pool bar air and a bit of a 70 synth master’s air (think Cerrone or JMJ). The sun glitters off the water and this track sparkles in the air. A moment of pleasure. Then gone.

France’s Anthelix goes for a more 80s slap bass funk approach to his disco on Lonely Hills. It’s all very eighties and yet not eighties at all. There are 80s reference points in the funk and the bits of guitar but the soft synth stabs and beat patterns avoid the whole thing sliding backwards and propel the track forwards into a lovely poolside listening space. Sip your Bacardi Breezer with this playing on the wind. C’est bcbg.

~ by acidted on August 6, 2018.

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