Friday’s deep house is loving and giving: Clulow and Adrian van Sin x PHENIX #deephouse #house

Two deep house tracks that are giving from Clulow and Adrian van Sin x PHENIX.

Clulow is Australian which presumably justifies this being called ‘arvo-house.’ But the track is a lovely techy thing called The Language of the Heart. Even manages to make me like vocals with the sweetness of the vocal offsetting the slight astringency of the tech house. The track adds a bit of 90s synths to go for hands in the air vibes. A delightfully postive track for warm afternoon.

As the track says “It’s the poetry of the dancing bee that tell us where the honey is and I think that in order to create that language, you’re going to have to learn how you can go through a looking glass into another kind of perception where you have that sense of being united to all things and suddenly you understand everything.”

Adrian van Sin x PHENIX are from Latvia and Slovenia respectively. Despite the dreaded ‘x’ in the artist name this isn’t a cheap banger. Body has just that. Yes, it has peaky synths for big room appeal but the bass is dark and restrained. Stops the track getting too flighty and gives it a depth and richness that shines through. Lose yourself everybody.


~ by acidted on August 17, 2018.

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