Howie B – ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ #electronic #downtempo #experimental

A return from Howie B and a new track – Oh The Places You’ll Go. This is taken from his forthcoming The Shape Of Cats To Come EP. It’s a chilled tune but won’t quite let you settle with its experimental edge and awkward electronics. There’s a chill and an underlying skitter to everything. Electronics and noodly keyboards vie with drawn scuzzed guitar lines. A cat on a hot tin roof for sure.

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Blurb: ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’,a brand new tune from Howie B, is the latest track to be lifted from the label’s forthcoming ‘The Shape Of Cats To Come’EP which will be available digitally and released on limited edition twelve inch vinyl in September.

Howie has been a respected name in electronic music for over 20 years, with a number of iconic albums under his belt such as ‘Music For Babies’, ‘Snatch’ andmost recently ‘Down With The Dawn’. The Scottish musician and producer has also provided a remix for the forthcoming U2 track in August and he will play a number of festival show during the summer.

Pussyfoot Records was started back in 1993 by DJ, Artist and Producer Howie B in response to the lack of musical diversity seen in other record labels. Truly independent, Pussyfoot toed the waters of musical expression through genre-bending releases from the likes of Spacer, Naked Funk, Rodney P, Dobie and Howie Bhimself. The label’s musical focus was all things electronic: breaks, beats, trip-hop and downtempo, but they also explored folk, hip-hop, funk, and a whole host of hybrid musical forms.

~ by acidted on August 24, 2018.

2 Responses to “Howie B – ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ #electronic #downtempo #experimental”

  1. I didn’t know he was still going.

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