Ocean Spray by The Legendary House Cats #dnb #shoegaze

What do you do with a 1991 minor indie tune? Obvious really, you turn it into a drum and bass track. That’s what John Girgus of the Legendary House Cats has done to Kitchen of Distinctions’ Aspray track, taken from the 1991 album Strange Free World. It’s become like drum and bass track ocean step. This shouldn’t have a hope in hell of working. But oh it does.

It takes the slightly Droney or Shoegaze guitar feel from the original track and welds it onto a set of punchy beats and strings. Gives the whole thing a perky and winsome air. This one shimmers in the haze. Nice job.

As if that weren’t enough you also get 10 minutes of Shoegaze drone ambient on the Sea Com track. This stares out to the ocean and sees nothing but spray. Dive in

~ by acidted on September 8, 2018.

One Response to “Ocean Spray by The Legendary House Cats #dnb #shoegaze”

  1. This is good, suiting my Sunday night blues.

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