Downtempo Sunday: Little People – Ivory Apes (Instrumental)

Little People are one of those downtempo artists that never seemed to make a big dent but who I’ve always enjoyed. Discogs has their first proper release in 2005 and there haven’t been many since. But I first came across them on a long defunct website when I bought their Instrumental Works EP in 2003. Time for a re-release? They mix hip hop and a sweet sadness into their sounds. It’s good to hear that new track Ivory Apes doesn’t depart from that template. The hip hop is a bit less than before but melancholy is much to the forefront. This tune isn’t going to cheer you up but will improve your day through the delicate quality of the track.

The track is taken from FUTURE ARCHIVE: VOLUME 1 _ Debut label compilation out now via Future Archive Recordings. Buy now.

Listen to the album on Spotify

Blurb: FUTURE ARCHIVE: VOLUME 1 is the first release in the Future Archive catalog and offers a taste of the great music due for release over the coming months. This compilation includes tracks by the label founders — @sunglitters, @littlepeoplemusic, @arms-and-sleepers, and @cnjrmusic — as well as Ninja Tune alumni @blockheadnyc and @yppah. Up-and-coming favorites like @plantrae, @volovibes, @romeinreverse, @aamarsound, and @marley-carroll are also featured alongside brand new projects @momslovenotme and @drabsounds. The album explores a range of subtleties, genres, and styles within electronic music, reflecting the diverse nature of artists supported by Future Archive. Welcome to the future, archived now.

~ by acidted on September 23, 2018.

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