Electronic post rock experimentation comes good on: Doombird – Azure #electronic #downtempo #postrock

Doombird is a cheery name. And unusually for htis blog, it’s for a group. From Sacremento come Kris Anaya, Joe Davancens, Ben Edrington, Fernando Oliva and Cory Phillips. They are members of Tycho / An Angle and explore that tricky divide between electronics and live instruments. Can all be a bit noodly or fail both indie rock requirements and electronic strictures. But on Azure the combination soars. It’s a downtempo rippling track that wonderfully accommodates the guitars sailing through. A track that glitters like sunlight on the ocean this entices and then blinds you.

Blurb: Sacramento-based quintet Doombird creates a hybrid of live instrumentation and electronic sounds, as evident on Past Lives (2016). With their newest EP, Twin Prime, Doombird continues to explore the tension between the analog and the digital. Twin Prime engages with another set of competing currents: propulsive beats and layers of atmosphere. It is the sort of album that is clean, thoughtful, and carefully cultivated. There’s a lot going on in these five tracks but nothing seems amiss or out of place. Each sonic element is precisely offered. There is a variety of connotations for listeners to enjoy. There are hints of Tim Hecker, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Oneohtrix Point Never, Rival Consoles, and Dauwd.

~ by acidted on October 3, 2018.

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