Super Sunday ambient double from Faodail and IERRP #ambient #downtempo #dubtechno #deep

A super couple of downtempo tracks this morning from the welcome return of Faodail and IERRP.

Faodail first with Peter. This time of year is hard for me with the anniversary of my son’s death and so there’s an extra poignancy in Faodail’s track of which he says “I wrote this track in celebration of what would have been my cousin Peter’s 18th birthday. 50% of proceeds from the track will go to Sands stillbirth and neonatal death charity.” The track is a slow burning emotional rush. It has piano and endless strings. And the inevitable sense of loss, pain and what could have been.

So, you really ought to make a donation. Download here:

Or stream here:

And so to IERRP. The track is Nening. No idea what that means. The tune is a minimal dub techno or deep house affair. There are stabby echoed chords and the pop and crunch of beats. This continues to plough the furrows laid down by Basic Channel and is worthy of following in their footsteps. It’s a track with an eye to your future, since IERRP says it is “ideal while sipping coffee a few minutes before the apocalypse.” Today, my apocalypse brew is Ywangan from Myanmar (available here).

~ by acidted on October 7, 2018.

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