Japanese beat music: psymatics – Gion Feat. 東京月桃三味線 #electronic #beats

My knowledge of Japanese artists is really pretty limited. My bad, I know. I can’t make up that knowledge gap but I can offer you some exciting strange Japanese beat music from psymatics on Gion Feat. 東京月桃三味線 from the Yellow Trance EP.

psymatics is probably Yoshitaka Koyasu from Chiba, Japan. They describe the EP from which the track is taken as “Atmospheric synths with chilled vibes on top of driving beats. A new type of Japanese beat music in contexts of psychedelic, chill-out and bass music.” A decent description. Gion is a polyrhythmic set of beats with Japanese strings (ehru?) sawed and plucked. Gives it a psychedelic IDM air. There’s a big bass drum that blows things away for the second part which has wheezy electronics and a post-industrial flavour before the traditional instuments return to round things off. Excellent experimental.

Avaialble on Spotify

On Soundcloud

and to buy on Bandcamp

~ by acidted on October 18, 2018.

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