Withdraw to minimal with Lowlives Industries and Jesse Woolston #minimal #electronic #neoclassical #ambient


A couple of minimally drawn ambient and drone tracks from Lowlives Industries and Jesse Woolston.

Lowlives Industries are from Italy and return with Mar Pacifico (Pacific Ocean, I suppose). This is a big smear of ambient drone. It’s almost limitless reach covers the slow undulating swell of held tones and the deep, deep depths of a slow bass drum. This is a vast track which makes the most of its eight minute length.

Next, another returner in Jesse Woolston. The track is Movement, taken from the album µstructure. It’s a much more minimally classical beast, owing much to the likes of Erik Satie or Olafur Arnalds. There’s a kind of overture tone to it (or whatever the closing bit of a symphony is called) all. It paints a broad landscape full of both fluid and geometric shapes and tones. In its own way the three minutes of this hints at bigger things to come. Do explore this lovely album on Spotify or to buy on Bandcamp in physical form with a photogaphy book.

Taken from the album µstructure

On Bandcamp

~ by acidted on November 15, 2018.

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