Two from Kylo #house #techno #electronic

A couple of tracks from the same artist to start the week. The artist is Kylo from LA who says his hobbies “include fighting games and the nightlife!” What’s wrong with tidying up and a spot of light dusting? Much more productive. Anyhow, we have two tracks – Release and Pressure. Both are somewhere on the House – Techno continuum.

Release is very much in the techno vein. Firm bass beats and and a go ahead air are accompanied by some spartan melody which comes over all rather German. And that’s a good thing. I do hate the phrase “You had one thing to do…” But this track has one thing to do. That’s to build the tension almost endlessly to head towards release. This arrives after three minutes with an epiphanic synth that warms the cockles of your hard heart.

Pressure has more of a house bent but still hemmed in by a certain techno seriousness. Takes a sort of 90s house feel and welds it to a techno undercarriage. This is all about the bass. And when it’s not all about the bass it’s all about the groove. Some ravey stabs pepper the track but this remains fundamentally a bass house groove. And don’t you forget it.

~ by acidted on December 10, 2018.

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