Sunday downtempo with NoHealer, Lil K’ro beats and James Ferren Tino #electronic #downtempo #newmusic #house

Three downtempo tunes with a bit of a swing in their step from NoHealer, Lil K’ro beats and James Ferren Tino.

NoHealer from Russia first with Pyramids of Greed (Gold Mix). The track is a collaboration between NoHealer and Lucas Pascolatti with Pascolatti also providing the remix. The track has a bounce and a swing but manages to be downtempo at the same time. It’s driven by a lovely twangy bass and some jittery synths. Has an almost tech house feel in places but with a really clean fresh structure.

Lil K’ro beats is from Chile and offers Coffee. That’s a classic way to get my attention. The track is an almost Ry Cooderesque lonesome guitar track with lofi hip hop beats giving it a bit of depth. A bit of a modern spaghetti Western feel to it all. The bit before the big shoot out where the (anti) hero walks down the street. Eyes of flint, jaw of granite. Superb.

James Ferren Tino is from the US and gives us some chilled house on Dance in the Boutique. There’s a lovely synth line that has a bit of an accordian feel (albeit it’s probably a guitar line). Something like St Germain’s Rose Rouge going on here. There’s a jazzy smokiness to this one. A real blast of 90s French house but with the chill of a turtleneck, an arched eyebrow and a head full of existentialism. Tres jolie.

~ by acidted on December 23, 2018.

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