Sunday melody with Cook & Stans and Nach #melodic #melodictechno #deephouse #electronic

It may be a Sunday but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any house or techno, especially when today’s pairing have a lovely cheery melodic air. Stop contemplating your hangover and jig along to these from Cook & Stan and Nach.

Cook & Stans are two friends based in Freiburg, Germany. Apparently, the name, Cook & Stans, is derived from the 1990 computer-game Monkey Island. Means nothing to me. The tune on offer is Deep Space 10. Despite the name it’s not a particularly deep, deep house tune. Normally this type of title would mean lots of cosmic contemplation. It’s a lovely perky deep house tune. This is more space as an exciting adventure and a chance to have fun and explore. A properly lovely positive deep house track. Really put a smile on my face.




Next, Nach. This is Stefan Hanny from Sydney from Australia. The track is Are You Alive from the EP of the same name. This is a lovely deep techno track which wins with the addition of a superb bit of dub. Gives it that slightly drawly stoner quality that makes it danceable and relaxing all at the same time. Even finds time to slip in a bit of guru chat about knowledge and life. Life is the name of the game, after all. Class offering.

~ by acidted on January 13, 2019.

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