Saturday techno with Unit51 and Kamus #techno #house #electronic #newmusic

A couple of UK-bred techno tracks for your Saturday morning from returnees Unit51 and Kamus.

Unit51 is an Enlgish producer currently living in the Pyrenees. Flight of Hectate is the track. This is a superbly twisting psychedelic space acid track. That mix of magical and release from earthly bounds explains the title (I had to look it up). Hectate is an ancient Greek goddess known in modern times for being Goddess of Witches. She is thought to be a prehistoric or primordial goddess that dates back to pre-Grecian times and might have originated with the Anatolians. She was thought of as a shapeshifting goddess of sorts . Hecate was and is also known for taking the form of an Owl. This track is a perfect representation of that.

The track starts slowly as if rising from out in the dark. There’s an unearthly space techno sound that also harks back to some of Hardkiss’ more psychedelic moments. It’s a primitive trance-like track whose repeated refrains offer a complete lock in to the track. The acid sounds twist around never settling, always pushing. Fabulous track.

Next a return from Scotland’s Kamus (Cammy Gallagher), who appeared here only a few days ago with his world music influenced techno. This time the title track to his I Get It Man, I Play Violin EP on Eyeangle Records. This is a more lo-fi confection than last time. Has more of a leftfield bent. This takes a bit of acid infused forward beats and offers a fantastically thunderous piece with more than a little shade of 90s heroes Transglobal Underground in the accompanying vocal sample. Righteous music.

Buy I Get It Man, I Play Violin EP


~ by acidted on February 9, 2019.

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