Two for Techno from Daniel Avery and Woochia #techno #eelectronic #newmusic #house

Two techno tracks this morning from Daniel Avery and Woochia.

Daniel Avery is generally much feted but in truth not often featured here. THere’s something about his work that can feel a bit too coomplicated for me. Under The Tallest Arch, however, puts that complexity to excellent use. It’s a track from his new album Song For Alpha: B-Sides & Remixes. This is out on 5 April and is an expanded edition of his 2018 Song For Alpha album.

Under The Tallest Arch opens with a distorted clatter of biscuit tins and trash cans. From that challenge to your senses gradually emerges something more ethereal in the shape of almost choral synths. Balancing hard and soft is always a tricky task. But by making the beats so tumbling Daniel ups the difficulty level. And yet he manages to balance almost effortlessly. Less tallest arch and more balancing on the head of a pin.

Pre-order Song For Alpha: B-Sides & Remixes here.


Next, Woochia from France. Grip is a consciously heavy track. It’s a tune that propels itself from the very start. A buzzing bass and high energy beats get extra tension from some string (a bit like the ones Moby used in the Bourne title track). Woochia says Grip “could fit in a futuristic FPS game.” But it could as easily be a slick thriller. It has that constant adrenalin rush which means the occasional pauses are only to notice the surge of adrenalin. Brutally effective.

~ by acidted on February 14, 2019.

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