Sunday has come to a stop with Widespread Noise and dagher #ambient #drone #chill #electronic

Let’s just take a moment. A couple of tracks of fragile ambient from Widespread Noise and dagher that demand your undivided attention. So, please stop what you’re doing. Put down your phone and just listen.

From th USA Widespread Noise offers Finding The Breath from Meditations. I know it sounds uncomfortably like a bad yoga session but go with it. This is a properly gossamer beautiful track. The biog says “Widespread Noise is a musical entity exploring the fringes of music with technology, non-traditional instruments, instruments played/used in non-traditional ways.” Perhaps that’s what’s going on here as sounds come in, pause, and then leave in a seemingly endless cycle of electronic experimentation.

Meditations LP

Next, dagher, who is also from the USA. The track is Ethereal Canyon. It says ft Bridget Larcher. But she does seem to do a lot as she’s credited with Piano, Strings, Synth and Guitar. According to dagher “”Ethereal Canyon” is an echo technique and is the heart of the structure in the mixing.” All too technical for me. But what I can tell you is that this is also a pice of unfolding drone and held mood. It drifts along with electronics that howl like a far away wind and a sense of wide open spaces. It’s quite a beautiful piece of soundscaping.

~ by acidted on February 24, 2019.

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