Contrasting emotions with Lyhre and Kevin Joyce #indie #lofi #deephouse #ambient #house #acid #electronic #newmusic

Normally, I go for a bit of flow between tracks. Not today. A couple of contrasting tracks. Angst galore from Lyhre and positivity from Kevin Joyce.

Angst first with Lyhre. They’re from Berlin wouldn’t you know. They are an Indie-Electronica duo formed last year. Fronted by Anitha (Producer, Composer, Vocalist) and completed with Daniel (Producer). Given the newness of the set up this is all very accomplished. Anitha’s voice is a fragile beautiful crating. It sits somewhere between early Bjork and Louise Rhodes (Lamb). The track is I Eat Pain. The music is gentle slightly lofi deep house with sombre piano. But with all due repsect to Daniel, it’s the vocal that takes this from interesting to outstanding.

After all that emotion a bit of relief from Kevin Joyce who returns after a year’s absence with Jumpin’. There’s a big wash of positivity that comes with this track. Not in a mindless way. More carefree enjoyment. There are almost indie drums alongside a lovely little synth hook that drags you along. The track’s restless nature even finds time to incorproate a bit of scuzzy acid whilst not letting go of the hook. Clever.

~ by acidted on March 5, 2019.

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