Friday needs its downtempo electronica with Faodail and Forlate #downtempo #chill #electronic #newmusic

A couple of downtempo tracks for a difficult Friday from Faodail and Forlate as we contemplate the outcome of thhe European Council and what this means for Brexit and the UK.

Faodail returns to apply balm to your soul. Faodail, meaning ‘a lucky find’ in Gaelic, is the alias of Scottish electronic producer Callan Marchetti. On Looming we have something a bit more upbeat than usual. This offers a lovely contrast between a gentle string-driven atmosphere and an axious set of beats and a troubled lead line. This balance of contrasts would be a risk in lesser hands. But Callan knows how to manage that tension to full effect. Delightful.



Next, for the first time, Forlate. From Russia, the track on offer is Stills. This is a piano driven piece. It’s full of windswept empty places, silences and vastness. There’s the found sound of children and humanity but as a distant, noise to be avoided. This wants to retreat into silence and the contemplation of meditative refrains. It’s a lost ambient overture mourning for the end of days.


Taken from the album There Shall Be Time No Longer

~ by acidted on March 22, 2019.

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