Everything’s gone grey with Methyl Lily and Drainabyte #ambient #drone #electronic #newmusic

It couldn’t last. And it hasn’t. All that sunshine has disappeared to be replaced by a grey blank haze. That mood of melancholia is reflected in two ambient and drone tracks from Methyl Lily and drainabyte.

Methyl Lily is from the USA. It is the ambient-electronic music project of musician and producer Tyler Wells Lynch. The track is Unmixed with Gray. It’s a sad, slow piece of post rock ambient. It blends found sound rustling with sad piano and the pitter patter clatter of real sounding drums. Nine minutes of sadness pass in a trice. You leave no wiser but calmer about it all.

Italy’s drainabyte returns with BK – V3 SL – 14000 ///draft. This clatters about in a post-ambient fashion. It displays some idm synth tendencies filled with ennui. A track that manages to sound thrillingly disinterested in anything. It knows it’s a draft. A step on a journey and not an end in itself. But it doesn’t care. The synths want to be big and bold but just don’t have the energy. It’s all too much. Tiredness never sounded so good.

~ by acidted on April 23, 2019.

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