Acid and techno from Ness Uno and Daniel Troberg #techno #acid #electronic #newmusic

A couple of techno tracks today from Ness Uno and Daniel Troberg. Both are a bit on the minimal side. And there’s plenty of acid.

Ness Uno is from Italy and offers Ion. An ion is an atom or a molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge. This track crackles with that electronic charge. But it’s a track all about self restraint. The bass throbs with an urge to break free. And the synths take themselves to peaks that threaten but never quite happen. And then there’s radio voices heard far off. Sounded Russian to me but Ness Uno says “nothing like Berlin Techno with a bit of ancient Greek.” Such erudition. Educate yourself with this track.

Next, Daniel Troberg from the Aland Islands. I thought this was part of Sweden. But not quite. A Swedish speaking part of Finland. Anyway, Daniel is now based in Los Angeles, CA. We’ve a track – Happosateessa – from his new Acid Story EP. Where the rest of the EP fizzes with acid flashes and frazzles synapses, this track is more minimal. It mutters its way along surrounded by a slowly strobing bass. Eventually your eyes are blinded by the lemon acid 303s that come over. Just when it’s getting too much the bass returns alone again. This is how to do minimal electronic sound design and how they say ‘acid rain’ in Swedish. Wash your bones clean here.

Limited to 303 vinyls. Buy here.


Acid Story EP

~ by acidted on May 7, 2019.

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