Two for techno with NoHealer and Jonathan R Cross #techno #house #melodic #newmusic

A couple of mainly melodic techno tracks from NoHealer and Jonathan R Cross.

NoHealer returns with Dog House. This is a dark techno track that never quite loses its humanity. It’s interested in the darker recesses of soul. And it wants to know the answer to the question “What does live inside your own Dog House?” A four minute journey of pulsating electronics and blipping beats. There’s a bit of synth techno in places and a bit of 90s space experimentation. It’s an introspective, rather than oppressive, track. Are you prepared to answer the question about your Dog House? Can you face the blackness of the answer?



Next, Jonathan R Cross from the UK and with a full background in classic 90s UK techno of the Orbital, Prodigy variety. His track is Base Metals. The track was recorded in a single take, using live hardware. It’s a switrling, acid flavoured confection. There’s a bit of the darkness and strangeness of Orbital’s first two albums with a little bit of  Phuture acid. But it never forgets that its purpose is to make you dance and not stroke your beard. The track is taken from an EP is made up of three versions of the same track, with a different focus on each version. A base metal is a common and inexpensive metal. Alchemists were always seeking ways to turn base metals into gold. Musically, this is a shimmering techno track and certainly no base metal.

Full EP here.


~ by acidted on May 15, 2019.

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