The future’s bright, the future’s grey with: orla, Matt Tondut & Beffect, and Lapi Nkaari #downtempo #electronic #newmusic #chill

Too much travelling has left me in need of something much more downtempo and suited to a duvet day than a dance floor. Here’s a trilogy of tracks to snuggle down, pull the blanket over your knees and enjoy. We have orla, Matt Tondut & Beffect, and Lapi Nkaari.

Orla is from county Meath in Ireland and offers some gorgeous downtempo. She’s only eighteen but this track – reform – is effortlessly cool. A delightful blend of vocal samples, deftly handled piano and a bit of biscuit tin hip hop beats. A melancholic symphony to cheer you up. This gets beter each time I listen to it.

Next, from Australia comes Ocean Lights. This is the product of a collaboration between two downtempo artists Matt Tondut and an Italian producer Beffect. There’s a delightful delicacy to the track. Some xylophones bobble around alongside some electric guitar and handclaps. It’s all very hazy. The end of the day. The fading of the light. The promise of the evening’s delights. Chilltastic.

Last, but certainly not least Lapi Nkaari from Luxembourg. Probalby the first artist from Luxembourg to appear here. The track is Johnny Adrift. It offers nice and chillled spacey music. Equally, it manages a perfect balance between wandering spacebound synths and some more earthly tense drum patterns. He says “Being adrift may be an opportunity.” Well, I’m not sure about that. But in the context of this track it works perfectly. As the sample says at the end “magnificent effort.”

~ by acidted on May 18, 2019.

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