Awkwardly ambient triple: No Fast Forward, Fthmlss & Catch92, and Meirjuana #ambient #drone #idm #dubstep #electronic #newMusic

A triple helping of awkward ambient tracks from No Fast Forward, Fthmlss & Catch92, and Meirjuana.

No Fast Forward is from Lithuania and offers Cult. This a lovely crackly ambient drone track. Has more than a little bit of dub techno, which is always a welcome addition. Gives the track a taut, edgy feel despite the loose and treacly sounds. Eventually, a spoken sample about the nature of following and believing comes in. But it’s set into the background which makes it a drone sound of its own. All very clever and compelling.

Next, a different type of religion in Ra from Fthmlss & Catch92. They’re from the UK and this downtempo track has more than a little dubstep of the Burial variety about it. There are those wood blocky kind of beats and the crispness of the sounds set among wide open spaces. Even a bit of wordless female vocal for an ache the penetrates the depth of your soul. Curiously moving.

Finally, from Indonesia, comes Merijuana and I Pulled The Trigger. This is more downtempo than it is ambient but it shimmers with life or lifelessness. It’s not entirely clear which. THere’s a repeated synth refrain and wood block beats. Meirjuana says of the track, “and i thought i’d survived, i though i’d survive a day without crying over you, without your thought for a second.” It the type of track for that one-too-many glass of red wine or gin late at night that leaves you sobbing into your pillow. A moment of loss or drunk texting your ex.

~ by acidted on May 25, 2019.

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