Keeping it perky with El Mundo & Zazou, and Mieux #downtempo #house #electronic #NewMusic

The clouds may have come over but let’s have something more perky from El Mundo & Zazou, and Mieux.

El Mundo & Zazou are a Dutch German combo being the new-born symbiosis of a veteran DJ/producer and a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist. We have their second release Where Have We Been. This is released on Berlin label Kindisch (tr. childish). A gorgeous downtempo track full of chiming clattering goodness. Underneath the pitter patter there’s a deep house depth to it alll that gives the track a fully grounded feel. It’s the sort of track that simply lifts the spirits but you’re not quite sure how it’s done it. There are no obvious peaks or tricks. It just is optimistic and freely wandering. Lovely.



Mieux are from Austria and are a duo of Christoph Prager and Felix Wolfersberger. They started off remixing rap and RnB classics but moved over into something a lot more leftfield. Not Kill is head-scratchingly unclassifiable. A funky leftfield house is probably closest. They say it is, “a quirky but serious homage to South African GQOM vibes, all mixed with grimey bass, house organs reinforced with translucent rhythms and banging pianos.” I have no idea what GQOM* is but what you get is a bunch of happily stomping polyrhythms with a bit of plinky plony Ozark harp and some synths which almost want to be trumpets. It’s an almost overwhelming wall of sound and pleasure.

* Gqom /ᶢǃʱòm/ (Igqomu) [pronunciation?] is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 2010s from Durban, South Africa. It developed out of South African house music, kwaito and hip-hop. Unlike other South African electronic music, gqom is typified by minimal, raw and repetitive sound with heavy bass beats

~ by acidted on June 16, 2019.

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