Sunday tryptich with Saros-FM, Survival Skills, and Relaiz #downtempo #house #ambient #HipHop

Three tracks this morning. Each offering a way into waking. From the deep dreams of Saros-FM, to the being awake when you don’t want to be awake of Survival Skills, to the calm wakefulness of Relaiz.

Saros-FM returns after a six month absence with the utterly beautiful Song of the Kironin. This is an ambient track but with flavours of the Far East. A mix of dreamy synth tones and chiming refrains but no beats. Saros-FM offers no explanation of the track, other than, “What are the Kironin? Find out another time perhaps…” I’m imagining a far off land. A lost island wreathed in clouds. Tropical forests where the inhabitants are permanently lost in a kind of dream.  This track is certainly lost in a wonderous dreamland. Come join.

Survival Skills (Aaron Bergeson) from the USA offers us hip hop and jazz on Treats. An early moment of wakefulness but with dreamland still having residual hold over the dominion of the self. A lovely bit of double bass and jazz lounge piano does battle with some crisp hop hop beats. All head nodding and then stunned silence. The track is short, under two and a half minutes. A brief pause in time. In the moment and then lost forever. A perfect track for a chilled brunch. Or in my case first coffee of the day.

The track is taken from the album Unresolved Beats, which Suvival Skills describes as, “a collection of songs made from collaborations that never came to fruition. I took the pieces of the tracks that I created for others and collaborated with my future self instead.”

Relaiz from Kassel, Germany offers the impossibly perfect Island. Like Love Island but without the back biting and capped teeth. A wonderfully woke piece of moombahton flavoured house. This is all stabbed house piano, bongoes and a bit of trumpet. The beats have a bit of trap to them but in a way that works with the track, rather than sounding like everything’s being played on a rubbish mobile / Handy. A suntanned vision of idyll. A place where even I can dance on the beach without it looking like I’ve tripped over my own feet. Optimism abounds. The sun always shines. Get seduced by the hook and get lost forever.

~ by acidted on July 7, 2019.

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