A wish for summer from: Lomea, MYNN and Eamonn Watt #chill #ambient #electronic #NewMusic

It’s the weekend. I’m hoping for something warm but not hot. Been a scratchy kind of week. I’m after somethign gentle, rather than challenging. On the manu for that we have Lomea, MYNN and Eamonn Watt.

Lomea returns with Rubatosis, a track from his new Echoes In Bloom album. Don’t know about you but I’d never heard of rubatosis. Had to look it up. Means “a fluctuation of tempo within a musical phrase often against a rhythmically steady accompaniment.” But can be about the sensation of becoming aware of your own heartbeat.

The track is somewhere between chill and ambient. It has that lazy whooshing against some beautifully arranged acoustic guitar for that proper summer feeling. So far so ambient. But the track eventually breaks free from its rather drone tone opening into something a bit more beat bound. Gives the track a greater sense of imperative without breaking the chilled spell.

Check out the Echoes In Bloom LP

Wellington, New Zealand’s MYNN returns with a lovely plinky plonky computerised track called reflection. This is all about computers with the synths on it all programmmed from scratch. Whilst that’s great (I think) does the result cut it? Yes, it does. A lovely chill tune, with losts of retro computer game type blips and bloops. A bit of happy IDM clatter and a fantastic spoken sample about computers and children. A computer tune with bundles of heart in its bytes.

Let’s end with something more ambient from Eamonn Watt from the Shetland Islands in the UK. The track is the weightless Laputa. This is the Swiftian proposition of a flying island. The track is a fantasy confection.  And it floats along in a beautifully beatless way. All tinkling twinkling synths, rural idyll and high in the sky sounds. Enough to make you drift off to bed. Blissfully lovely.



Track taken from the Dopamine LP

~ by acidted on July 13, 2019.

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