Chill and Synths with: Sulkin’ Raven, and Kloyd #synth #sythwave #chill #NewMusic #electronic

A couple of chilled tracks that take most of their strength from the synths at the forefront from Sulin’ Raven and Kloyd.

Sulkin’ Raven is Kevin De Nicolo from North Hollywood, California. I’m not sure what to do if one knows a raven is sulking. Just leave them be until their ready to caw, I guess. Anyhow, this Sulkin’ Raven specialises in combining elements of synthwave, chiptune, psych-rock, and ambient music. And that’s what we get on this instrumental version of single Steppin’. There’s a bunch of chiptune from the use of two Gameboys to create the backbeat. And everything has a wonky, hazy feel from the use of synths that are layered with tape wear effects. The track acquires a dreamlike quality accentuated by the filtered guitars. THis is stepping into another world of digital widescreen. A pixelated cowboy synth adventure. On the trail of the lonesome byte.

Next, Kloyd. Based in London, Kate Lloyd offers us Glow. This is a lovely synth chill track that owes much to Bonobo and Four Tet (doesn’t every chill artist these days?). But this is no simple following in the footsteps. Yes, there are some 90s references in the use of shuffling beats and synths. It’s all done with a shimmering lightness of touch and innate sense of rhythm. The whole track chimes and throbs with life, energy and light. Loving it. You will too.



~ by acidted on July 24, 2019.

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