Leftfield electronica with: Jend, and KillAMark #house #dubstep #electronica #NewMusic


A couple of leftfield tracks this morning. One house and one dubstep but neither quite what you’d expect. The artists are Jend and KillAMark.

Jend is from Austria and the track is Error Detected. And that’s perhaps a comment on the categorisation here. Not really deep house. Not really house. Somewhere between IDM and experimental, in my view. Anyhow, the key to this track is the use of the bass. This wobbles around all over the track with a scuzzy, fuzzy air. Gives the track a whole lot of off-kilter appeal. And despite all that it has a perky set of synth work to go alongside to give it an optimistic sense. Really lovely clever cheering stuff. Free download available.




Next, KillAMark aka Jacobmark (William Jakes) from the deep South of the USA. He has been producing music since the noughties but says he “was not able to continue due to a theft of studio. It’s taken some time but is back at it.” He started a small local label called RealyzeMusic in Alabama where he’s “helping others to record and collaborate with everything from rock to every type of electronica.”

The track is Stress Illusion. It’s a dubstep track, except when it’s trying to be a liquid drum and bass one. He says it’s about “hallucinations brought by an overwhelming stress factor and trying to stay normal in front of a social group.” The focus is on the bass line. This rolls around with a fabulous swagger. The beats are crisp and in your face. And yet it hides a tender heart of piano and spacey synths. Melt in the mouth stuff.

~ by acidted on August 22, 2019.

One Response to “Leftfield electronica with: Jend, and KillAMark #house #dubstep #electronica #NewMusic”

  1. Thanks for your kind words and feed back . Very professional . We at RealyzeMusic really appreciate your consideration for the track. Well be sure to share upcoming releases. 🙏 thanks again.

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