Triple chill with: youcancallmeoliver, Big OC, and Shaun DJ #Chill #Electronic #NewMusic

Last evening I was sitting in the late evening sun with my beloved looking up at the trees and leaves starting to curl. Let’s enjoy the last day of August before we have to face Autumn with three chilled tracks. The arrtists are youcancallmeoliver, Big OC and Shaun DJ.

youcancallmeoliver is JP Oliver Viol, based in Berlin and Vienna, which sounds rather a nice Mittel European combination. He says that he, “produces electronic music with a jazzy touch and heavy use of sampled acoustic instruments, certainly influenced by other producers from Berlin such as Moderat or Siriusmo, though he considers his works “minimal”. Thankfully, there’s not much evidence of jazz on C+S+M. Taken from his Antics EP this is space ambient, full of endlessly stretching vistas. It’s all soft chord progressions and a bassy touch. But it also has an underlying almost mechanical clatter to accompany the lead synth. This pushes it from the usual to something more preciously unusual. Really lovely.

Antic EP

Big OC is a 24 year old guitarist and producer from Chicago. He offers us some chilled hip hop instrumental on Devil’s Lake. Of the title he says, “it is a place I always loved and would go there frequently in college (UW-Madison).” Taken from the Sellers Market mixtape it’s a lovely head nodding track. Offers beats and violins for that properly melancholic air reminiscent of Aim BITD. Then some guitar gets noodled all over the top of it. KInda hip hop blues.  Like mozarella on a Chicago pizza this oozes everywhere leaving you sticky, a little dirty but deeply satisfied.

The third of this trio is Shaun DJ, from London. The track is Sharkattack. This is one of those awkward to classify tracks which ends up being labelled “electronic.” Let’s try to do a bit better than that. There are lovely chilled almost harp like synths that give the track a melancholic vibe. Shaun says he was going for a sense of, “I thought I saw something.” There’s a little bit of that in the use of anticipatory strings. But to be honest this ain’t Jaws. It’s much more dreamy than that. It’s a lovely wandering daydream of a track, gently chiming its way through three and a half minutes. Has some nice crisp beats and percussive skittering to stop the daydream from slipping into the arms of Morpheus. Beautiful music for the day bed. This is a sophisticated chill experience. IDM chill is the genre I’m settling on.

~ by acidted on August 31, 2019.

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