Ambient Sunday with: Glass Meadow, Gates of Siam, and Ørdop Wolkenscheidt #Ambient #Drone #NewMusic #Electronnic

Time’s up for this year’s summer. It’s all back to the grind tomorrow. But for today a chance to pause in Ambient Sunday with Glass Meadow, Gates of Siam and Ørdop Wolkenscheidt.

Glass Meadow is from the USA. He says, “I’m a rapper/producer living in LA via NJ. I’m inspired by the feels. I like to make hip-hop music as well as 2step/future garage and alt-pop rock.” None of that is here. This is more ambient than that. The track is You Are Not Alone and it starts in a burst of static and surface noise before offering a calming centred pool into which to immerse yourself. A beatless, synth drone tone of a tune and an almost wordless vocal that offers peace for a troubled mind. Hardly surprising that he says of the track that it’s, “one supporting mental health awareness, hence the title of the track.” Soothe yourself here.

Next, from Australia, Gates of Siam. I know nothing more about the artist. The offering is Solace, taken from the Temple EP. This is intended as a hypnogogic ambient experience. I had to look up ‘hypnogogic’. Turns out its the transition from wakefulness to sleep. A “threshold consciousness” phase which may include hallucinations, lucid thought, lucid dreaming, and sleep paralysis. Solace is very much in that hazy ‘between’ state. A beatless, almost motionless synthwave drone. There is the occasional synth ripple and finger bell but the hiss and drone occupy the mind. It reaches for an almost otherworldly expression of religiosity. Pure Sunday drone.


Temple EP

ØrdopWolkenscheidt is an electronic project from Denmark. He says it was, “founded in the windy Danish winter of early 2015.” The track is The Transmission, which opens with radio samples in German from Eastern Europe. The feel here ranges from early 80s electronic and even reaches into more experimental rock phrases from the early 70s before darting forward into 90s dance music. This gives the track an almost previously heard quality that keeps you just a bit off balance in its new / old feelings. Synths ripple away for all eternity and computerised buzzing reminds you that machines are in charge while the rock structures try to fight for organicness. It’s all brilliantly experimental but listenable.

Taken from the album Quantum Computer Deep Dream

~ by acidted on September 1, 2019.

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