Tuesday’s torpid triple with: Rohne, Marsbeing, and Pinz & Pelz #Electronic #NewMusic #Downtempo #Chill

After yesterday some chilled tunes for Tuesday from Rohne, Marsbeing and Pinz & Pelz.

America’s Rohne (Keenan Branch) from the Pacific Northwest returns with another beautifully chilled track. Ritual is utterly unhurried. There’s nothing ritualistic about this. It’s all organic unfolding of electronics. Beats clatter gently with a shuffling percussion. Drone tones float about. This is as gentle as warm autumn rain. A leaf swaying breeze of a tune. Refreshes the parts other electronics can’t reach.

From the Bandcamp album Season Two on Loci Records (also available on baby blue vinyl).

Next, Ukraine provides Marsbeing and The Distance. This has a bit of Catching Flies about it in the warped electronic clatter of the beats. There’s also the fragments of vocal twisted into the fabric of the track. This is pitched as “is the perfect song to listen to on a warm day, sitting out in the sun with your eyes closed – slowly drifting into a light sleep.” But, you know what, that’s not how it affected me. There is an urban edginess about this track. An underlying sense of anxious paranoia. This is chilled but also unsettling. Clever track.

Buy on Bandcamp ($1)

Thirdly, Pinz & Pelz, who describe themselves as Sydney x Berlin. That’s a cool combination. The track sets out its stall with the [does what it says] title of A Lazy Day. But it is a completely correct description. This is just lovely. Relaxing, chilled electronics and a cast-your-cares-aside attitude. A perfect track for a nice sit down, with a cup of tea and a biscuit. Might I suggest an oat crunch? [3oz oats, 3oz flour, 3oz melted butter, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 tsp bicarb, 1 tbsp milk, pinch salt, baked 20 mins at 160 degrees/140 fan.] Hardly a surprise that they say, “We wrote “A Lazy Day” during a lazy European summer day sitting in a rocking chair.” Take a break.

~ by acidted on October 1, 2019.

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