Ambient Sunday with: Phelian, and Gizmo Varillas #Ambient #Electronic #Chill

Ambient Sunday returns with track from Phelian and Gizmo Varillas.

Phelian describes himself as an ambient future garage producer. And that’s sort of what you get on Aerias. Taken from the Beside You album this has the slow stateliness of ambient but with a Burial-type garage clatter in the beats. It leans quite strongly away from Burial’s urban glittering nightscapes and towards something more spacey and ethereal. It wants you to feel secure and safe. A womb-like all-encompassing experience. This is the worries of the world all switched off. The piano is there somewhere in the background, some disembodied vocals drift in and out of focus. Don’t worry. It’s all going to be just fine.



Next, Gizmo Varillas from Spain (Santander/Bilbao) but now in London. Here we have an ambient mix of his Danza De Sombras track. That he’s on tour with Rodrigo Y Gabriela should give you a clue what to expect. As for the track title Gizmo explains “Danza de sombras means dancing shadows in Spanish. It’s a metaphor for the constant dance between light and dark, good and evil”. There’s lots of lovely guitar in that Flamenco style, some warming oohs and aahs, and a bit of electronic trickery. The handclaps replace the beats. The whole thing has a guitars in space kind of feel but without going the full ambient of The Orb’s Spanish Castles in Space. This is a bit more earthbound, a bit more focused. It’s cheering as well as soothing.

Full EP here


~ by acidted on October 6, 2019.

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