PREMIERE: Sebastian Vivian – The Other Place #Minimal #Downtempo #Premiere #Electronic #NewMusic


There’s online life. There’s IRL. And then there’s the Other Place. That place in your head that you go that’s yours. A place of retreat. Of renewal. A premiere for you from Sebastian Vivian to explore those feelings.

Sebastian Vivian is from Adelaide, Australia but his other place is New Zealand. And his expression of it is his two years in the making EP from which we have a a premiere of The Other Place. He says of the track, “‘The Other Place’ represents this space between physical and metaphysical, the place that we see in our mind when we remember past events of our life, and how those places still exist as a memory even after the physical structure itself is long gone.”

Vivian’s background as a soundtrack producer is evident in the unhurried way that the track develops. It’s full of calming notes and phrases. A symphony in and of greenery, if you like. A downtempo electronic track with beats and piano vying for pride of place. THe beats casually tumble in a polyrhythmic cascade. He says, “Polyrhythm is a focus and percussion is a way to explore that idea [of the other place].” Strings drone and shimmer like a silvery mizzle. Developed from his trip to New Zealand, and clearly inspired by the still beauty of place (my parents used to rave about it). This is a track of deep introspection. Of solitude.

If you need to take a break from the hurly burly and to access your other place this beautiful track is for you.

~ by acidted on October 15, 2019.

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