Lebanese leftfield with: Etyen – Me Voy #Downtempo #Electronic #Leftfield

Etyen is a Lebanese electronic producer and we have a track – Me Voy – from his Kayen EP. It’s a track that reaches for the electronica tag because it doesn’t quite sit easily elsewhere.

Etyen names Sigur Rós as one of his influences, and you can hear their sweeping grandeur and awkwardness in the track. “Indie, electronica something” is how he explains his sound. It’s the “something” element that makes this track stand out. And the big dollop of emotional content. That’s not done with big swells of strings but in the vocals hidden far, far into the background and the rise and fall of it all. Strangely beautiful.

Kayen EP

~ by acidted on November 6, 2019.

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