Electronic Variety Pack with: Buda Bap Beats, parking lot, Andrew Rothschild & Good Lee #HipHop #Synthwave #Downrempo

Normally, I’d try to draw threads from tracks. Not today. Three contrasting styles from Buda Bap Beats, parking lot, and Andrew Rothschild & Good Lee. They cover instrumental hip hop to synthwave to downtempo. All are lovely in their own right and offer a generous morning mixtape.

Buda Bap Beats is up first with a quite brilliant instrumental hip hop track. He is a beatmaker from Adelaide, South Australia currently living in Chicago. And Waiting has everything you want for an outstanding head nodding track. An acoustic guitar riff lazily applied, some scratching for a bit of old school, and some effortlessly tinkling piano. BBB says of the track, “This beat was intended as the entry in a big song contest, but I ended up holding onto it a bit too long so that I could record my beatbox and scratching.“ No wonder the samples can’t help going ‘oh yeah’.

Next a bit of LA synthwave from parking lot. He says he was, “Inspired by lofi synth music and the LA industrial house scene.” There’s synthwave, old school house with a late 80s sheen and a spirit of experimentation on 909. It wends it’s way from smooth synth chords through jittery drum patterns and a devil may care attitude. It’s a particular vision of the West Coast that’s less taken with hippy history and more reflecting, “the sights, sounds, & feelings of los angeles… particularly the mountains, the ocean, the streets, the grime, the freeways, the raves, the air.”

And finally but not least, the return after a long absence from these parts of Colorado’s Andrew Rothschild & Good Lee. 24 is a shuffling Bonobo style track in a style he calls Bluestronica. There’s steel guitar, some kalimba and lost chanting. It’s all very spiritual in a shamanistic beats kind of way. There’s a back to basics and back to nature sense. A sense of peacefulness and calm.  Beautifully constructed and beautifully produced. Enjoy.

~ by acidted on November 19, 2019.

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