Back to the future: Joor Nitth’s techno selection #Techno #Classic

It’s Sunday evening. The pizza delivery has just arrived. Let’s kick back and reminisce. In all the focus on current tunes it’s nice to be reminded that the early years of this blog were all about the dance heydays of the 90s. Here’s Joor Nitth to point the way to what he calls, “two less-known records from 1991.”

First up, Formosa – O.D. On Groove (Club Extended). Completely new to me. This has dated elements in some of the beats, horns and the stuttering sample at the start. But it also manages to sound pretty current with a deep rich bass and buzzing synths. It was made by Steve Formosa and released on Dutch label TINK! Records. Label owner Joseph Salvador was the record’s producer. He said that the siren used on the record was a real siren recorded in the studio. But Formosa used the real siren at raves.

Full release on Bandcamp

Next, Tekno 2 with JetStar. This is proper old skool rave, coming on all rave synth and crowd noise, before doing a 180 into house piano and breakbeats. Joor Nitth says, “It’s been one of my favorites since 1991. A catchy, underdog techno-breakbeat tune along the lines of Cubic 22’s Night in Motion (even the synth pads where the other instruments drop out at 2:50 follow a similar metric). It makes extensive use of the glorious Korg M1 “Piano 16” preset (omnipresent in almost every Eurodance and UK Hardcore tracks in the early 90s). Plus it samples another overused sound I like, in this case the groove of Lyn Collin’s classic 1972 hit Think (About It)“. [see YouTube at the foot of this post]

You know, I’m rather fond of posting in threes, so accept a classic bonus offering from Joor. He says, “4 years ago, Rising High Records re-released for *free download* an EP with the classic 1990 acid/hardcore track “V.I.M. ‎– Maggie’s Last Party”. It includes three different mixes and… hear, hear: and unreleased track! I repeat: it’s all free (simply use Soundcloud’s own download button. :).” For those too young to remember, the Maggie of the title is Margaret Thatcher, right wing UK Prime Minister at the time. Not a fan of raves or dance music during 1989’s “Second Summer of Love.~

Lyn Collins – Think About It

~ by acidted on November 24, 2019.

2 Responses to “Back to the future: Joor Nitth’s techno selection #Techno #Classic”

  1. Thanks very much for the hospitality, Sir! I find it interesting that there still are techno / hardcore tracks you weren’t aware of: I thought you’d beat me easily. Also, should I think the pizza guy is a reference to my Italian origins? #racism # culturalappropriation (I’m joking, eh! 😛)

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