Time for Techno with: Saytek, Mentat, and Negafook #Techno #NewMusic #Live #Electronic

A triple techno bill this morning from Saytek, Mentat, and and Negafook.

Properly live techno is a rare beast. The UK’s Saytek (Joseph Keevill) manages that with Sequence Two (Live). This is a track taken from an eight track offering on Cubism, all recorded live for Berlin Love Parade founder Dr Motte’s birthday in July. This is a great techno track. A bit Detroit in its light and delicate approach but with a bit of mid-90s European squelchy techno stylings added in. This is so lovely the way that it marries machine music with an emotionally uplifting punch. Delightful.



Next, Mentat, who is electronic music producer Oliver Quinlan, from the UK and currently based in East London (obviously). The track is the seasonally inappropriate June. It’s out as part of the Tour De Traum XVIII compilation on the wonderful Traum Schallplatten. June is a lovely melodic techno track which manages to be both slightly warming and slightly chilly all at the same time. The tension between the buzzing cold beats and the rippling spring-like warmth of the main synth melody is left wonderfully unresolved. The track avoids ever quite taking off and soaring upwards. It prefers to stay grounded and offering a reflective space. Lovely.


Tour De Traum XVIII

Negofook is a duo from Berlin, Germany. The track is Petak (y la culpa no era mia Techno Mix). Please listen to this and check out the lyrics here. The tune is a strong minimal techno track that has cold grooves and builds the tension. The title is named after a Native American god of stormy weather. But the importance is the lyrics and the sentiment.

I don’t usually lift wholesale from artist descriptions but it’s appropriate this time, “On Monday, Nov 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, feminist collective Lastesis from Valparaiso took the streets in the center of Santiago de Chile and showed a stunning performance in front of the Ministry of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality. The powerful statement against sexual assault of women by men can be seen as an allegory of the accusation of the suppressive Chilean state, whose police and military forces have killed, tortured and violated numerous protesters as well as innocent bystanders during the biggest civil protests since the end of the military dictatorship in 1989.”




~ by acidted on December 14, 2019.

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