House style with: Mall Walker, AKAshafik., and Angermund #House #LoFi #Tropical #DeepHouse

A triple house bill from Mall Walker, AKAshafik., and Angermund.

Mall Walker (translate: shopping centre pedestrian) is from Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA. On Arcadia he reaches into my past with a track built around the funky drummer beat so prevalent in the late 80s and early 90s. Right takes me back. There’s some breakbeat, an ominously wonderful rich bass and an indie aesthetic. This is like the best early 90s party you never went to. It’s full of day-glo colour, summer of love optimism and a musical sense that the world is your oyster. Still raving.

AKAshafik. is from Egypt. Probably. He isn’t giving anything personal away. So let’s concentrate on the track, which is Plome. It’s somewhere between tropical house and deep house. But has elements of dub and deeper richer things. It’s decidedly leftfield whilst being utterly accessible and charming. He says, “its a track you can dance to, yet its still emotional with a melody that touches your heart.” There’s not quite a central hook. There are layers of sound. It’s the dubby sense that carries this alongside the intermittent ethereal wordless vocals. Gives it an almost out of body dance floor experience. A lovely bit of summer sun.

And then it’s back to Bergen, Norway for Angermund and a remix from Flatt Matt (Mathias Haukjem). We’re in the land of Scandie deep house. The combination of the two artists is just lovely on Naboens Sveler. The title translates as, the neighbour’s pikelets, apparently. This is chilly, slightly astringent, techno given a deep house transfusion to produce something warmer and more loving. Never quite escapes the cold but play with lofi themes to take you away from all things ordinary. A soundtrack for Santa’s sleigh ride.

~ by acidted on December 21, 2019.

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