Variety pack with: Paul Kane, Skydata, and NACH #DeepHouse #DrumAndBass #ProgHouse

A variety triple bill this morning from Paul Kane, Skydata, and NACH. Styles run from Depp House, through Drum and Bass, and on to Progressive House.

Canada’s Paul Kane offers the chilled deep house of Lighthouse. This aims for something relaxing and so the beats are kept light and pushed relatively far back into the mix. This is all about the twinkling synths and piano chords. An optimistic mood created and sustained. Just a delightful track for a chilled Fino sherry of an evening or mulled wine if you must. Open fires and open hearts.

America’s Skydata offers some drum and bass. Eight Clouds Quiet is the opening track from his Venture Deep EP2 with Bristol’s Dan Guidance on the UK’s Nu Venture Records (available on Bandcamp). It’s a liquid drum and bass track but full of the essence of chill. Chords last and sparkle. The beats are light and glittery. No idea what eight clouds quiet is supposed to mean. And it doesn’t really matter. This is six minutes of pure dnb pleasure. A track that tumbles over itself in its revelling of all sugar and spice. Rewind and get lost in the depths here.


Venture Deep EP2 on Spotify

And so to NACH from Sydney, Australia. On Ivory Coast from his EP of the same name we get a bunch of opening tom toms to give a bit of anticipation. Synths come in late for a modern track but it’s the better for it. All a bit spacey and mysterious. There’s even a bit of acid flavouring. But it eventually settles down into a chilled prog house groove to dance the night away. Hardly a surprise to find that he’s a, “long term resident and member of the tetrix village camp at Burning Man in black rock city Nevada.” It has an easy way with genre hopping that keeps the track unexpected and interesting.

~ by acidted on December 24, 2019.

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