Darkness descends with: Exogenous: Remix Compilation by Slighter #Industrial #Electronic

Everyone seems to be looking back over the past decade for achievements. I’m more worried about the decade to come. In the meantime, work off some anxiety with Exogenous: Remix Compilation from Slighter. This 19 track offering takes new and old remixes from tracks stretching back to 2009. The is for those who welcome the darkness. For those that welcome industrial sounds. For those that welcome horror films.

Opens with the electronic doom and gloom of Slighter x Moris Blak – The Hunt (Rabbit Junk vs Ovter God Remix). A perfect blend of industrial electronics and creeping paranoia. This is followed by the almost cheery ReSet (royb0t Remix). On Isolate (Big Time Kill Remix) things get a bit more Depeche Mode. Fragments of synth pop try to break through. They fail.

Slighter x R.A. Desilets – A Moment Of Inexplicable Clarity (Mariion Christiian Remix Edit) comes as a blessed relief from the claustrophobia of the previous tracks. Rachel’s vocal is pushed back into the mix as a hushed, breathy presence but serves to lighten the track into something that, speak it softly, has a touch of optimism. Really rather a lovely track. That doesn’t last as The Shadow lives up to its name.

Slighter x Kadin Contois – Imbalance (Sinking Feeling Remix) breaks out the industrial guitar in among a angular electronic landscape. Abandon hope all ye who enter here. That sense gets ramped up in the remixes of A New Sin and Static On The Line. Beats get to almost drum and bass pace.

To end the album 2009’s Killers gets a Redux. All gruff breathy industrial vocal and throbbing bass. And to close Over Widescreen Mix. This offers orchestral synth flourishes. (S)lighters aloft it allows the album to return to earth with less of a bump.

An album for lovers of darkness and wanton destruction.


~ by acidted on January 5, 2020.

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