Two sides of techno with: [enter name], and Zachery Allan Starkey #Techno #Melodic #Cyber

Let’s have two sides of techno with [enter name], and Zachery Allan Starkey.

[enter name] is from the UK but now in San Diego (and yes that really is how the artist name is expressed). The track is GN-Z11 taken from the Voyage EP. I found quite a lot of tracks with this title. But then I hadn’t realised that, “GN-z11 is the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the observable universe. It is observed as it existed 13.4 billion years ago.” The tune is an epic chilled techno with a definite melodic prog house streak. There are beats but they’re kept relatively unobtrusive. It’s the synths that are allowed to go all cosmic on you. They sprawl in the vastness of space. Allow yourself to explore the expanding universe and the nature of time.

Zachery Allan Starkey is from the USA. And his concerns are more earth-bound. His track No Security from his Fear City album focuses in on the insecure, paranoid existence of the Western world. Almost constantly observed and monitored. And we facilitate it. The music is almost incidental to the suffocating and rising panic. Or it would be if this track didn’t fill your senses with a cyber techno hard wired industrial assault. Drums pound. Bass crashes with a distorted edge. Synths provide no relief only increasing stress. This is an overload for the senses. Brilliantly exhausting.


~ by acidted on January 20, 2020.

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