Time for techno with: Kasada, and Manos Ventouras #Techno #TechHouse

Let’s get this Monday started with Kasada and Manos Ventouras.

Kasada is showing as from Black Forest, Germany. But that might not be all there is. The biog says, “Kāsaδa is Enzian and means companion, brother, friend. The Enzen are a people with about 230 members who settle on the southwestern edge of the Taimyr peninsula and thus in the west of the northern part of the North Siberian lowlands.”  Anyhow, the track is Solar Ritual from the Space Time EP. But to me it offers techno as spaghetti Western. A bit of a menacing tech house flavoured tune. A rolling chewy bass line like a baddie’s cheroot flavours the track. There’s bits of strings offering that High Noon vibe. Strange and lawless beats out in the Badlands. Now, pick up your gun.

Manos Ventouras (Emmanouil Ventouras) is from Athens, Greece though originally from Corfu. He offers Aluminium Mallard. No ides what that title is all about. What you do get is a beats based minimal techno track that keeps the synths in the background. The beats and bass intertwine in a serpentine embrace. It’s a groove to dive into and get lost. A vision of the wine dark sea and the capricious nature of the gods.

~ by acidted on February 17, 2020.

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