Weatherall come save me #RIP

So, you’ll have heard the news about Andrew Weatherall’s untimely and tragic demise. I’ve abandoned what I was planning for today. There’s no point. And I’ve no heart yet to write anything substantive.

Suffice to say that he’s one of the reasons for this blog. He’s clocked up over 200 posts here. This blog’s strap line for many years was “Everything from Andy to Weatherall.” His influence and place in dance music is immense and irreplaceable.

I could have posted any one of hundreds of tracks or remixes. But this one felt most apt.  RIP and thoughts go out to family and friends.

~ by acidted on February 18, 2020.

4 Responses to “Weatherall come save me #RIP”

  1. Yes, gutted. So bloody young. Played Clock Factory several times today at full volume. It seemed apt.

  2. Feeling this pretty hard.

  3. Thought immediately of you, Adam and Drew when I learned this. The Guv’nor’s absence will leave a huge hole in the lives of many.

  4. Still can’t really get my head round this.

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