Ambient Sunday with: Accidental Allies, and Hipworth #Ambient #Drone #Experimental #Funk

A couple of more experimental ambient track this morning from Accidental Allies and Hipworth.

Accidental Allies appear to be a trio from the UK. London, perhaps. They offer electroacoustica. Their mission statement is “Melodies, harmonies and hooks. Life and love deconstructed. Reflecting the toils and troubles of politics, people and personal experience.” There are no vocal melodies on this track and little evidence of toil or trouble. Paper Wraps Rock is an instrumental. It mixes techno drone, some 90s electronica and a curiously compelling ambient electro funk. It delivers an experimental psychedelic electronic swirl. Like A Certain Ratio mixed with The Black Dog. This is a journey into the beyond.

Hipworth is from Australia and takes ambient far into the sacred space with Sacrament. It’s a bass ridden affair mixed with temple bells and Buddhist chants. The bass is low slung and a bit sleazy. There’s what sounds like throat singing adding to the vibrating sense of self. Beats are light and move things along. The hand bells pierce the darkness. Fragments of electronics and synths occasionally add sparkles in the gloom. But the focus of the track remains the deep meditative bass sounds. Compelling.

~ by acidted on March 8, 2020.

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