Monday’s chill with: Mulatu Astatke, Keta’Pop, and Bases #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic

The sun’s shining, the win’s abated and if you’re keeping a safe 2m distance we’ll begin. We’ve tracks from Mulatu Atatke, Keta’Pop, and Bases. Showing how interconnected our worls is this is tracks from Ethiopia, South Africa and

Mulatu Astatke is an Ethiopian musician who is hailed as one of the founders of the ethno-jazz movement for his work combining Jazz, Latin, and traditional Ethiopian music. To be fair, I’d never heard of him before hearing this remix from Dunmore Park. The track is Mascaram Setaba (Dunmore Park’s Underwater Edit). It’s a lovely downtempo jazz funk track with some soft flute sounds to go alongside. The house undercarriage from Dunmore is what takes this away from jazz noodly into something way more sultry and a little bit frisky. And it’s available as a free download. Delightful.

Keta’Pop is from South Africa but discloses no more than that, other than Keta’Pop is a light explosive sound. Be that as it may, the track is 竹雨 which might mean Bamboo Rain. Not the most informative intro by me to a track that takes downtempo all the way down to a low throb. There’s reverberations of sound and pulsed keyboards before beats come in. This gives the track have more substance but it still remains an aural vision of wood blocked haze.

Bases is Darryl Kirchner from San Francisco, USA. Here’s a track, Transformation, from his State album. The album explores, “streams of consciousness and states of being. One thought may lead to another or it may return in a new form.”  Transformation is built around a bobbling central riff. This has a bass thrum as a sidekick. It’s all very contemplative and soothing. The track serves as, “the point of no return.” It’s a lovely warm track despite the chilly electronics. They buzz contentedly. And so will you.


~ by acidted on March 23, 2020.

One Response to “Monday’s chill with: Mulatu Astatke, Keta’Pop, and Bases #Chill #Downtempo #Electronic”

  1. Nice post, Sir. I especially appreciated the Mulatu Astatke edit. I’ve discovered this guy a few years ago, and I’ve immediately liked his style.
    If you are interested in digging more into his productions, these two are the ones to go for:

    Éthiopiques 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974 (1998 -Buda Musique ‎– 82964-2)

    Mulatu Of Ethiopia (2017 – Strut ‎– STRUT129CD)

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