Instrumental hip hop double with: Freddy43, and JLF #HipHop #Instrumental #NewMusic

Sun is still shining. I need to chill. So, two instrumental hip hop tracks from Freddy43, and JLF. And neither of them from the US. All European this time. Freddy43 is from the Netherlands and offers Serpent from his new EP03. This is a strange and sinuous beast. It’s a mix of analogue hip hop beats with some awkward and wonderful IDM electronics. There’s a rather dark and night time slither about the sounds. It comes over with a bit of unseen menace. Things bloop and blip and remind you that something is out there in the dark. This is an arpeggio sound made with a vintage ARP Odyssey synthesizer. But the thing out in the dark may be something beyond your imagining. Let your imagination run wild with this one. JLF is Johannes from Berlin, Germany. He comes with Lost In Thoughts to soothe you with some hip hop boom bap. It’s all low jazzy swing and the crunch of warming beats. Everything is cast in a sepia glow. It’s the thoughts that are the remembrance of times past and the security that offers. Jazz piano and organ skitter around the track in a stately waltz. The romance and love at the centre here want you to take care of your loved ones. Stay safe and warm here.

~ by acidted on March 25, 2020.

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