Chase away the blues with: Catching Flies, Andrew Rothschild, and Musin #Downtempo #Chill #IDM #NewMusic

The weather’s turned grey so snuggle down in the duvet and enjoy the gentle colour of three beautiful tracks from Catching Flies, Andrew Rothschild, and Musin.

The UK’s Catching Flies (George King) returns with a remix of Opals from Analogue Dear. The track is taken from his Silver Linings Remixed album of remixes from his debut album. The original of Opals is a thing of gentle shimmering beauty. It’s been given an even slower, hazier spin by Analogue Dear. It becomes lost in its own little, largely beatless, world. Insects jitter and shake their wings. Pianos come at you from far off. Very far off. A track in which to drift away into other worlds.

Another returnee is American Andrew Rothschild with Utopia. This is every bit as brilliant as the title would have you believe. There’s an almost ambient R&B feel to the intro which is accompanied by tinkling melodies. Beats come through softly at first as if emerging organically from the melody. This gives the track a real presence and an unexpected dance floor appeal for something that’s quite so downtempo in style and string driven in its later phases. That’s a very clever trick to pull off. Another wonderfully skilful track from Andrew for you to enjoy.

And so to Musin, who is from Italy. He creates experimental tracks using analogue equipment and real instruments. The track, Self Frequency, is the lead single from Perception, Musin’s debut release. There’s quite  a lot of John Hopkins on this track, so it’s little surprise that this is released on The Ambient Zone, a label run by Hopkins’ management team. But it’s not, strictly speaking, an ambient track. It’s a strangely minimal sort of tech house with an accompanying IDM clatter. Drone tones infuse most of the remainder of the sounds. But there’s enough of rippling synth and strings to give this a gently elevating and optimistic tinge. It achieves an almost lighter than air feel. Gossamer sounds swept along on the softest of breezes.

Bandcamp (buy)


~ by acidted on April 18, 2020.

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