Ambient Sunday with: Nathan Hewitt, localhost, and Padre Tóxico #Ambient #LoFi #Minimal

Ambient is staring at the grey clouds and dreaming of escape, of far off places, of half-remembered memories. Jogging your memory this morning, tracks from Nathan Hewitt, localhost, and Padre Tóxico.

Nathan Hewitt is from the USA, originally Indiana, now New York. He’s a “nonprofit professional.” No idea what that really means but there’s a lot of thinking about the arts going on here.

We have a track from his album Music For Fifteen Emails, inspired by Hiroshi Yoshimura’s Music for Nine Post Cards. It’s all classical music put through a synth blender. Friendship (Online) is full of open spaces and almost clarinet sounds. There aren’t beats, as such. But there is enough punctuation to give it a sense of that. And lost sounds of the cities, temporarily stilled. This wants to bridge the divide between art and contemporary life. Luckily there’s not so much art here that you can’t enjoy what’s a lovely calming tune that allows you to rise above everything. Enjoy the thinking space.

Friendship (Online)

Music For Fifteen Emails (Parts 1 and 2)

localhost is from Italy and his mission statement is “Ecco, if we breathe air, why do we live beneath the waves?” taken from the Ecco The Dolphin video game. The music is all about waves of sound. The track is Compos Mentis, from the album Hysteresis, and localhost says it, “reflects the situation of our society which never stops to catch its breath. The track was made before the current uncertain situation and thanks to this, it makes its vision even clearer, now more than ever.” It’s a set of rolling waves of sound that don’t quite get to drone. But there are no beats. This is a soundscape in its purest form. It isn’t ‘art’ but is inspired.

Compos Mentis


Padre Tóxico offers the simple pleasures of minimal house. The track is the curiously named Mesmerizing (Circumcised Radio Mix). PT says it’s, “Shortened, left only with dense and crucial sounds.” It’s a really delightful way to spend three and a half minutes. There are soft beats, largely kept in the background. The foreground is occupied by some gentle synths and a bobbling lead synth that weaves its way in and out of the track. A lovely experience.

The Extended mix is here

~ by acidted on April 19, 2020.

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